25th - Derby City, KY

25th - Derby City, KY (USA)

The 25th Chapter of the Brothers Keepers Motorcycle Club (BKMC) was formed in Louisville, KY, in February 2014. Louisville is the home of the world famous Kentucky Derby, which is why we decided to name our Chapter the Derby City Chapter. We also ride horses (steel horses).

The Derby City Chapter is made up of career, volunteer and industrial firefighters active and retired. We currently have 25 Members and Associate Members. Most of our members primarily serve the Jefferson County area, but we also have members from Oldham and Henry counties in Kentucky and Madison County, Indiana. Fire Departments represented by our Chapter include; Anchorage, Black Mudd, Campbellsville, Clifty 6, Dow Corning, Harrods Creek, Highview, LaGrange, Louisville, Lyndon, Middletown, North Oldham, Okolona, and South Oldham.

The Derby City Chapters purpose is to create an environment where firefighter, who like to ride, can get together for fellowship and fun. Additionally, we host an annual Burn Run event raising proceeds to send kids who have been affected by fire to a Burn Camp where they can be themselves among other adolescents that have experienced the same traumatic event.

Chapter Officers

 President Sean Tiny TaylorDerby City
Sean "Tiny" Taylor
 Sgt. Of Arms William Sugar Bear Kiefer Derby City
William "Sugar Bear" Kiefer
sgt of arms
Tim "Congo" Congleton
Heather Kiefer
 road captain
Sam "Grey Area" Krebs
 Road Captian Craig Pops Newman Derby City
road captain
Craig "Pops" Newman