32nd - Center of Kentucky

The Center of Ky Chapter was founded in 2015 . We started with just 2 members under the Derby City Chapter in Louisville , after loosing one of our own . We found the BKMC to be a very close knit family of firefighters and wanted to earn our way to starting a Chapter in the Central Kentucky area . Chapter 32 consist of paid , volunteer, and retired firefighters from Central Kentucky. We support the Children's Burn Camp in Indiana and other needs in the area . If you are a Firefighter ( paid,volunteer or retired ) ride a cruiser style motorcycle and share the same interest , please fill out an application at brotherskeepersmc.com or contact a member for information !

Chapter Officers

Drew Wilson "Dough Nut"
James Stevens "Bull"
Sergeant at Arms
Karla Stevens "China shop "
Jonathan Beams "Beamer"
Road Captain

Charity Event

August 15, 2020 • Big Papa's Smokehouse
Burn Run

Brother's Keepers MC

1827 Texas Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71103