27th - Kanawha Valley, WV

The 27th chapter of Brothers Keepers Firefighter MC and first chapter in WV is the Kanawha Valley chapter formed in July 2014. We are a family of dedicated firefighters that enjoy riding when not on call and giving back to our community. Our club is comprised of both active and retired firefighters. Located in the Kanawha Valley, we have firefighters representing many of the surrounding fire departments. Brothers Keepers Firefighter MC 27th chapter encourages all fire service members who enjoy riding their motorcycles as much as they enjoy being a part of the fire service to contact their nearest Brothers Keepers Firefighter MC chapter for more information on how to join our organization. For more information on Brothers Keepers Firefighter MC 27th chapter or to contact us, please join our Facebook page: Brothers Keepers Firefighter MC 27th Public Page.

Chapter Officers

Jared Bess "Jrod"
Rob Matheney "Throttle"
Sergeant at Arms
Shane Arnold "Pretty boy"

Rides and Other Events

August 23, 2024
Chapter 27 Burn Run
Camp Appalachia

Brother's Keepers MC

1827 Texas Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71103