"We are an all Firefighter (career, volunteer, active or retired) Motorcycle Club."


Welcome Firefighters From Around The World

Are you a firefighter that enjoys riding and wants to ride with a group that shares a common interest and the genuine meaning of camaraderie? Then take a ride with the Brother's Keepers MC.

We are an all Firefighter (career, volunteer, active or retired) Motorcycle Club.  We formed the 1st Chapter of Brother's Keepers Motorcycle Club in Shreveport, Louisiana U.S.A. in 2003.  We created this club to have fun and to ride our bikes with like-minded men and women.  We now have chapters in Lousiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Texas, Georgia, Tennesee, Colorado, North Carolina, West Virginia, Michigan. We've grown into Canada and Austrailia, and we are building and looking for good people.  Brother's Keepers MC is a firefighter's motorcycle club that is an extension of what we do every day for our community, but it is also a way for us to live a little.  We have great people and great charities we raise money to help out.

If this interests you, choose the chapter closest to you and submit an application. If there isn't a chapter in your area, why don't you consider starting one? Can you get ten of your brother firemen to ride with you? Let's talk. Submit the Contact Us Form to the International President to see if it's a fit.

Let's Ride!

Brother's Keepers MC

1827 Texas Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71103