44 Three Springs, Tn

The 44th Chapter of the Brothers Keepers Motorcycle Club (BKMC) was formed in Red Boiling Springs, TN in November 2023. We decided to name our chapter Three Springs, because our members are from the Red Boiling Springs, North Springs, and Hermitage Springs areas respectively. The Three Springs Chapter is made up of career and volunteer firefighters active and retired. We currently have 17 Members and Associate Members. Our membership serves in multiple areas including Red Boiling Springs, Dodson’s Branch, Celina, Smithville, and more surrounding counties. The Three Springs’ purpose is to create an environment where firefighters, who like to ride, can get together for fellowship and fun. If you are a firefighter (career, volunteer, active or retired), own a cruiser/touring motorcycle, and are interested in riding with a group of riders that share a common interest and the true meaning of camaraderie and brotherhood, then come join the Brother’s Keepers Motorcycle Club.

Chapter Officers

Jared Gagnon "Caveman"
Justin Allen "Keebler"
Josh Cook "Thor"
Sergeant at Arms
Dolores Gagnon "Sleepy"
Thomas Rosan "Tazz"
Bradley Bray "Red"
Road Captain

Brother's Keepers MC

1827 Texas Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71103